PUP MAG x healthy junky

The healthy snackbar - PUPMAG

Fashion photography has been shifting toward Fashion film, and with a love for fashion photography I've been looking for something in between that takes fashion photography to the next level but takes a step back from fashion film. For my graduation I focused on the communication of a magazine through the mobile app and I created a fashion editorial that comes to life once you scan it with your smart phone and can enrich images with additional information. 

Concept: Create an ARTvertorial existing of 8 images for PUPxSLA that comes to life once you scan them with your PUP or SLA app, in which Augmented Reality is implemented. While you are reading the magazine the mobile app of the magazine allows you to not only experience the magazine physically but it will trigger the user with movement, sound and additional content.

Goal: A fun way to inform target group what type of healthy food can be beneficial for certain daily activities/needs.