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Luna Michel

I am a creative specialised in visual communication with a specific fascination for digitalisation. With the main focus on Fashion I distinguish my work by creating storytelling images and by making use of technological tools and collaborations. I believe in the power of working together with inspirational minds and bringing the best out of each other. 

I started my creative journey when I did an all-round styling course at Akademie Vogue where I was introduced to Fashion photography, Fashion styling, graphic design etc. This led me to apply for the Fashion & Branding International course at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) that I successfully graduated from in 2016. With a BA Fashion & Textiles technology in my pocket I am ready to explore the industry and to face the challenges that come with it.

My approach to life is to find controversy. Where one goes right I like to go left.  This also reflects back in my process and my creative work. There's no such thing as following the rules. At the end I want to create work that leaves an impact and comes with a message.

In 2014 I did a 6-month internship in the Fashion department of V magazine in New York City. This was the confirmation that Amsterdam was too small for me. I like to dream big and take risks. At the moment I am vlogging about my adventures in Los Angeles and how I am trying to make it in my field.

In my free time I am the lead singer of the cover band named 'LUST'. Together we perform on different events and we do what we most love to do which is entertain. Our collective dream is to buy a secondhand car and road trip through Europe with our instruments and just perform wherever is possible.







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